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Ten Tools Of The Trade

Thought I'd share ten pretty useful tools for all of my drawing and jewellery making needs! :)

1. Pencils in all hardnesses. Softer for shading, harder for outlines, and even harder for sketching light lines.
2. I love these pencils. They have soft leads and the drawing can be brushed over with water to make a watercolour effect.
3. Black small tipped pens in a range of sizes from teeny weeny hairline and thicker. 0.7 is about as big as I go.
4. Soft bristle paintbrushes, round heads for washes and pointed ones for details.
5. Craft scissors for general use and pointed hair-cutting scissors for detailed cutting (and stabbing dried glue out of the top of the tube..)
6. Pliers x 2, I use both of them at once to open jump rings and things.
7. A wooden centimetre/millimetre ruler, and a paper inch one from Ikea that I always have to consult when buying supllies in inch measurments.
8. Watercolour paints, and gouche for heavier painting.
9. A jar of wood stain. I hand-stain all the wooden pieces of my jewellery with a darker wood stain made up from powder.
10. A tiny notebook (from Liberty... I love...) thats the perfect size to go everywhere with me, and holds notes about supply stores to visit, hand-drawn maps, and to do lists.


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Reader Comments (1)

I love these sorts of posts - I find them so interesting!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNikki

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